We asked Briana + Wes to pick their favorite photo from their wedding day and tell us why they chose it. You may remember Briana + Wes from the “Balls Deep” post. If you missed it, check out our favorites from their day here: Briana + Wes’ Wedding. True to form, Wes knocked us out with his selection:

Sedona Wedding Photo

Could they get any cooler?!?! Briana + Wes FOREVER!

And this is what Wes said about the pic:

“It took me some “thinking” to get this done for you. After thought and without talking to bri, my fav was the one of me peeing next to green door.
This photo to me is what the day was all about. It was behind all the glam, it was after the comfort of the first look before the big bang. This is what life is. Behind the green door is where I pulled at many things that I resurfaced for the event and was one of the first parts of the dairy. From a artistic stand point the color of boots and door grab your attention. Then the actions in the photo tell a story that you don’t see at first, but they are thread of life that keeps us human.”