W H A T  IS  S E R G I E L L Y?

Sergielly is the nickname we gave ourselves because it sounds better than Kellio.

W H O  IS  S E R G I E L L Y ?

We are the dopest duo in Arizona, photographically knocking socks off everywhere we go. We joined hearts in 2010, photographic forces in 2014 and are hoping to get married soon. We support each other, we inspire each other and we work toward the same goals. Our shared MISSION is to create BOLD and emotion-driven images that celebrate individuality and stand the test of time.

We are each other’s best friend, inspiration, and voice of reason. For a glimpse of Sergielly livin’ la vida loca, check out: Sergielly on Instagram + Sergielly on Facebook.

In November 2015 Sergio proposed to Kelly in front of 150 photographer friends at the Fearless Conference in Scottsdale. Kelly said, “ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY!” We got a lot of sweet pics and vids from our Fearless Photographer friends and Brandon Parigo put together a killer video gift for us that makes our hearts sing. You can see it here: Sergielly’s Proposal.

Sergielly Wedding Coming Soon!


Photos above by our talented friends and colleagues: Robyn Navarro, Katrina Wallace, Stephen Huynh, Ken Pak, Tyler Wirken and Khanh Ng. Thank you all!


Sergio is an artist who is obsessed with weddings. In 2012 he achieved a huge milestone winning a much coveted spot as Top Ten Wedding Photographer in the World by American Photo magazine. I already knew he was the best in the world but worldwide recognition is always nice. 😉 I love the way his hair looks in the morning. Like he was just groomed by a pack of baboons.

I never know what’s going to come out of his mouth. He keeps me intrigued, mystified and in stitches.

To spend 10 minutes in his mind would probably send me to an institution.

He knows a lot about things I know little about and he is a great teacher.

I love how I feel safe with him, he has been my caretaker when sick, my rock when weak and my ladder when down.

I love his monkey face and his big ol bootie.

I love watching him work. His focus on each wedding day is unrivaled. It’s like he hasn’t eaten in a week and the only thing that will satiate him is a great image. He never stops trying to get a better shot than the last one. He inspires me every day.

I am so grateful that I get to be his partner in business and in life.



Kelly is a badass award-winning wedding photographer who sees everything differently. She is not only a killer photographer on your wedding day, she is also your friend. She’s wicked smart in a jam, she’s charismatic and empathetic and she can make even the coolest cats smile.

Her brain is more powerful than the Watson super computer, she is funnier than Amy Schumer and prettier than all the girls in the world. If you look in the dictionary for Dopest Girl Ever, her picture would be there.

She makes everybody feel loved. If you were at a party by yourself feeling lonely, Kelly would find you, chat you up and make you feel not only welcome but necessary.

The most important lesson that I have learned from Kelly is to always be myself no matter what. She continuously inspires me to not only be myself but to be a better self.



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