Marti + Owen’s Wedding at Tohono Chul

Marti + Owen’s Wedding at Tohono Chul was an example of teamwork at it’s best. This was an unusual wedding for us as we were hired by the groom and didn’t meet the bride in person until wedding day. Marti was the self-proclaimed least hands on bride we will ever meet. 🙂

Luckily she was in good hands. Owen and Marti’s sister, Amanda, took care of all the planning. And they smashed it. The wedding was gorgeous. A wedding at Tohono Chul hardly needs decorations. It’s like a secret garden enveloping everyone in gorgeous desert flora and fauna. (Speaking of fauna, this was our first Rattlesnake sighting at a wedding. He was gently removed before the ceremony started.) Owen + Amanda rallied friends to get all of the lovely details in place. It was great watching everyone pitch in and it was obvious how much Marti + Owen are loved.

Marti + Owen’s love for each other was palpable and their wedding day was perfect: simple, elegant and intimate.


Wedding at Tohono Chul

Cupcakes by Village Bakehouse

Sick beats dropped by Satyr Entertainment