Leslie + Nick’s wedding at Whistle Stop Depot was off the whistle. We haven’t seen a party like that in awhile.

Leslie + Nick were a referral from Liana + Galen, another badass couple who knew how to get down. Any friend of theirs is highly bloody likely a friend of ours. Leslie + Nick met Kelly in the middle of med school, they took a short break from their cram session at Cartel to look at some hot pics and make a deal on a handshake. We can’t even imagine attending med school. Let alone attending med school and planning a wedding. These two do not F around.

Sergio met Leslie + Nick for the first time a few weeks before the wedding. They were applying for residencies at the time and hoping to get into the same hospital. They were unbelievably calm and we all bonded over Ethiopian food, wine and talk of The Bachelor.

We learned that the two of them had been accepted to a hospital in Tucson on their wedding day. This city is so lucky to get to keep both of these super stars. Leslie has since appeared on an episode of The Bachelor. She’s famous. When Kelly saw her she flew off the couch and stood next to the TV for the remainder of the scene and yelled, “There she is! OMG! That’s Leslie,” for quite some time.

These two are unstoppable. And so was their wedding at Whistle Stop Depot. Surrounded by friends and family, all of whom have degrees in partying, Leslie + Nick had a lot to celebrate. And celebrate they did. The dance floor was packed, the wine was flowing the smoke machine was smoking the whole place up and the DJ was killin’ it. It was a party that nobody wanted to leave. Including us.

Cheers to these two doctors who have taught us how to really get down.

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