valley ho indian wedding_027

Shannon + Mohit (self dubbed S+M) had us hooked from the get-go.

These two inspired us in how they planned their wedding. If we get married someday, we are going to follow their lead.

At our first meeting we found out that nobody yet knew of their upcoming nuptials, other than the coordinator at the Valley Ho, which they had already booked, and which had recommended us. None of their friends or family had any idea what was about to happen.

S+M had been together for years already, and just when the questions about plans for a wedding had slowed to a trickle, these two decided to surprise everyone and do the damn thing. They were meticulous about keeping it a surprise, scheduling the invitations to be sent out so that they would all arrive on the same day, some invitations traveling as far as India.

S+M planned to have an Indian wedding at the Valley Ho and we were super pumped to photograph our first Hindu ceremony.  We were not disappointed: the colors, the dancing, the mango lassis!! So many of our favorite things, with a hilarious couple at our favorite venue. We had a blast. S+M forever!!!

Here are our favorite photos from the S+M’s Indian wedding at the Valley Ho.

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DJ: The Beat Booth