Every single time I think about writing this blog post, Balls Deep comes to mind. This is Living + Loving we’re photographing. And sometimes you just gotta go ALL IN on both. Balls Deep. Make it Felt, so it’s Remembered. And call us in case you get too drunk to remember much until you see the photos. OhShit.

These 2, the self-dubbed Mountain Man (Wes) + Desert Flower (Briana) went so hard they left us feelin’ like virgins hurtin’ the next day. That’s what 11 hours of pure AWESOME will do. All dazed, hungover, sore as F, full of remember whens.

Mountain Man + Desert Flower didn’t just have a wedding. They threw a mufuggin BASH. They didn’t just find a venue and pick a date. They rebuilt a venue, to their liking. They customized the ish out of it creating a perfect environmental reflection of them and their guests. End product was Genius: full of blood, sweat and tears. RESPECT.

Not only did they celebrate their uniqueness in a big way but they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. A boob grab, a pre-entry nose check, a snuggle, a sweat dab. Their love looks like that, and they showed it to everyone all of the time.

They folded us into their circle and we will not leave.  Mountain Man + Desert Flower FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

If ya’all wanna party like we do, if ya’all wanna party like us, lemme hear ‘ya say SERGIELLY!


KJo (the most normal member of Sergielly)



Our great friend Regina Young of m2b Events was the day of planner and she was amazing as always.