Flippin it up on the blog today. Been wanting to do this for some time. Instead of a regular blog with single photos we are blogging the album we designed for Allison + Tony’s Flagstaff Wedding.

Dun DUn DUN.

What better way for us to present the story.What better viewing experience than this. What better keepsake to hand down. There is no parallel.


These are the lay flat spreads designed with the badass Smart Albums program that will one day lay flat in the hands of Allison + Tony and hopefully everyone that loves them. We shared their album with them recently via video chat and it was redonk. They said they would recommend us until they died. Or we died. Whoever goes first. 🙂 We cannot wait to get this beauty printed by the superstars over at Floricolor. We will update when we get it in hand. Check back for hot pics.

This is a 12×12 inch book. It’s gonna be so beautiful.Wasn’t that badass?!?!?


How we do it.

First we need to meet amazing clients. We do our best to attract them with the honey on our website. We specialize in celebrating love + individuality and that speaks to individuals celebrating love. Step one complete.

Next up we photograph the wedding day like our lives depend on telling the story of the fantastic people sharing their celebration with us. Our hearts are fully open and our mission is clear. SLAY.

Download. Backup.

Kick Back. Pop bottles.

And on the 5th step the Sergielly rests. Hydration and relaxation.

Then work, work, work, work, work, work. Music is Life.