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Kelly + Sergio’s mission is to create bold, emotion-driven images for quirky couples with attitude.

Kelly + Sergio photograph each couple like they would photograph a member of their own family. They give soul to each wedding by photographing what it feels like.

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Kelly + Sergio are the boldest-emotion driven Arizona Wedding Photographers.

Kelly and Sergio have a staggering 44 combined  lifetime Fearless Awards. Making them the highest-ranking studio amongst Arizona Wedding Photographers.

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In 2011, Sergio achieved a top 10 overall ranking on the prestigious Fearless Photographers listing.

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In 2012 Sergio was named one of the Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the World by American Photo Magazine. This is one of the biggest honors that can be accomplished in wedding photography, it’s comparable to an actor winning a Grammy. Sergio was honored to not only win the award, but to have his photo on the cover of the magazine as well!

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Kelly + Sergio recognize that the most important award is the one that comes from their clients after providing an unparalleled experience and extraordinary collection of wedding images. To continue reigning as the best Arizona Wedding Photographers, Kelly and Sergio continuously strive to be the photographers that they themselves would hire.

To see photos of them doing their thing in Tucson and around the world follow their Instagram feed. It’s good times. Kelly + Sergio Instagram

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