Kelly + Sergio are hip, chill and bold emotion-driven Tucson wedding photographers that celebrate individuality with mind blowing imagery.

We joined photographic forces in 2014 and are hoping to get married soon. We support each other, we inspire each other and we work toward the same goals. Our shared MISSION is to create BOLD and emotion-driven images that celebrate individuality and stand the test of time.

Check out Kelly+Sergio’s bold and emotion-driven image portfolio here.

Kelly + Sergio are the boldest-emotion driven Tucson Wedding Photographers.

Kelly + Sergio recognize that the most important award is the one that comes from their clients after providing an unparalleled experience and extraordinary collection of wedding images. To continue being the dopest Tucson Wedding Photographers, Kelly and Sergio continuously strive to be the photographers that they themselves would hire.

To see photos of them doing their thing in Tucson and around the world follow their Instagram feed. It’s good times. Kelly + Sergio Instagram